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Training Solution.

We are developing a smart apparel ecosystem – an interactive activity app that, paired with smart apparel and machine learning, is able to track body movements and progress, analyze data and give solid feedback on how the activity is performed.

SCAPE-IF training platform


Trainers use this platform to create more relevant workouts, train their clients on the spot or remotely, and better understand their clients’ progress and performance.

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Sports practitioners (trainees) become more aware of their body readiness level, understand key factors that contribute to injuries and better performance, analyze the progress and follow virtual assistance to supervise physical activities and enabling the freedom of choice where and when to perform exercises more safely with or without expert’s presence

Personalized training platform

Basis of technology

Trainins technology examples clothing


The sensor nodes are embedded on wearable tracksuits and are connected using wired communication (using conductive threads as electric conductors).

Power is supplied from a lithium battery. The number of sensors used can be changed and adjusted for different application requirements. Data is sent wirelessly to a portable device (smartphone, tablet) or personal computer for processing and feedback.

Bluetooth low energy protocol is used for data transmission to achieve energy efficiency for maximized battery life.

Training technology examples app

Mobile App

Android and iOS mobile app where data from a smart wearable are sent for further movement analysis and data visualization.

It’s the world-first mobile app that helps to connect in a deeper level sports practitioners with their bodies and their trainers.

For trainers, it’s a platform to uniquely sell their training programs and track practitioners’ progress remotely or on spot.

Yet for practitioners – it’s a safe haven to learn sports in a progressive, flexible, and, most importantly, the correct way with live feedback and progress tracking.

Key Features

A training platform for exercise recording, workout program creation and selling

Washable, chargeable, clothing for women and men with built-in sensors for everyday exercises and workouts

Activity progress tracking and performance analytics

Live feedback

Smart sport tech gadgets connected in one place

Workout and exercise plans

How are we different?


Real-time low energy motion reconstruction 50 frames per second.


Movement analysis and 360o visualization, including a comparison of movements from multiple people.


Minimized wireless interference as opposed to multiple wireless sensor nodes.


We are fully mobile and not affected by the environment, lighting, etc. thus no external setup is needed, such as cameras, beacons, etc.

Online training

All the sensors are fixed in washable clothing, so it’s not complicated putting the apparel on and wearing it. Separate sensors don’t need to be attached or charged individually.

Core Technology Benefits


Improving the efficiency of practice with live feedback and individually tailored exercises based on body measurements


Easy-to-use mobile app for movement recording, data-based performance analysis, live feedback, progress tracking and relevant exercise-related content creation or consumption


Reducing the injury risk while doing physical activities


A social network platform for trainers and sport coaches to increase their clientele and promote their knowledge

Online training

A flexible approach for sport practitioners to do exercises in a correct manner, not restricted to a single location or time

About Us

The Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) is a public research institute founded in 1960 in Riga, Latvia. EDI has ~100 researchers working on innovative technologies in electronics and computer science.

EDI is among the highest-rated scientific institutions in Latvia, focusing on research and development in Smart Embedded Cooperative Systems (SECS) based on original and/or complex signal processing approaches. Our mission is to perceive the world and design a better future by creating new knowledge, developing innovative technologies, and demonstrating their practical significance in real-life applications.

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